RELAX CD has nine relaxation exercises to calm the mind and heal the body.

On this RELAX CD, meditation facilitator and healer, Maree Kendall, guides you through nine relaxation exercises, each of which act as a focus for quieting down the busy mind.  As you experience the different exercises you will discover which method best suits you.  Practicing one of these relaxation exercises twice a day for at least a week will improve your mental and physical health, creating peace within and without.

Meditation is a relaxed, focused concentration on a chosen stimulus – attention is the underlying key to all forms of meditation.  Taking time each day to simply ‘be still’ and relax, can improve the health of mind, body and spirit.  Just 20 minutes of meditation, twice a day, can help to transform your experience of life in a positive and permanent way.  By releasing emotional and physical stress from the body and clearing the ‘mental chatter’ regular meditation can help:

  • improve the quality of sleep and wake feeling more refreshed;
  • increase mental performance and bring clarity of thought;
  • reduce stress and improve stress-related conditions such as depression, anxiety and hypertension;
  • significantly reduce chronic pain associated with injury or arthritis.

If you practice one of the nine relaxation exercises on the RELAX CD, twice a day for at least a week, you will feel the benefits.  Practice each day for 30 days and it becomes a habit!

Scientific research shows us that just 20 minutes of meditation twice daily can:

  • improve your  concentration and memory
  • lower blood pressure and improve general health
  • improve quality of sleep


“I felt so relaxed after doing tracks 1,2 and 3 of your CD Maree. Great CD :) thank you.”  Teneal Sultana, Riverstone, N.S.W.

Price: $19.95
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